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Battlefield 3 Lack of HC Servers


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I'm stuck at work so I've been cruising the various forums. Last night I heard we are having problems getting people to join our server. Today I've read half a dozen post on several sites claiming people cannot find enough HC servers to play on because of a glitch. Supposedly only a handful of HC servers appear when selected for a lot of people and then when they refresh they disappear. Supposedly DICE is working on this but I haven't seen an official post yet.


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NICE FIND STRYDIER , yea we cannot figure out why people wont join our server , this helps explain it some


I read on the My Internet services forums that it's important to put the word Hardcore and the abbreviation HC in your server description and also the city


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I just want it to work period so players can join. sucks to see us have servers up and have them empty!