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Beacon Glitchers on Operation Metro


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-bZ- Recruit
Caught a squad placing beacons behind the wall at A on Operation Metro and shooting from a glitched area. As I understand it this glitch is not allowed. Players were xtomia, beaversuper, bongoelasto. A couple others were there as well but not captured in the recording. Reports were sent.



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Yeah I saw that and it was an easy kill. I shot a LAW up there from the alley building before A and took them out.


It's not a glitch spot. You jump from one broken window ledge into an open window. Easy to get killed up there, on all THREE building. One in alley and both sides of A flag.


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-bZ- Recruit
About a month ago I accidentally did a glitch on A where a beacon placed in (redacted) was between the walls and impossible to kill. Haven't been able to replicate it since so I expect EA has patched it. But yeah, glitches on this map are a thing.