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BF2 PR Vietnam Finally Going Live April 6!


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At least I think so. They've been fucking around with this concept the last several April Fool's Day in a row. However, I've seen Vietnam named maps in the server list recently, and my guess is that it's finally here!

However, there's always the possibility that this is a hoax. Which would be fucking bullshit.

But I hope not!

I wanna' bet back in the shit!!!

Download it here.


Edit: It is real, it is available.

Project Reality: BF2 Vietnam Beta FeaturesWhile still in beta, the addon contains some impressive content. Of course, more content will come in the future, but for now, the following is including in this beta:

3 Factions, US Army, US Marine Corps and North Vietnamese Army

4 Maps, Battle of Ia Drang, Dien Duong, Barracuda and Tad Sae

20 new vehicles, including the A1H Plane, UH-1C Gunship and PBR Patrol Boat

14 new weapons, including the M20 Super-Bazooka, fully-automatic M14 and M79 grenade launcher

Complex tunnel systems

Fully functioning airplane dropped napalm

And many more features!


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Spend $8 on BF2, patch it up and DL PR and hop on with reliqua and tag. It'll give you a good idea of what Arma is all about. Although, ArmaII looks a lot better and is WAY more tedious.

The Vietnam shit should be off the chain.


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if you're interested in this game, the only game you need to own is Battlefield 2.

If you want the downloads for patching BF2, Project Reality, and the Vietnam mod, PM me and I'll send you all the links.


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Played a little more tonight.

Nearly all weapons are iron sights. So far, I've seen more fire fights, more often because of it. There is less death from god knows where, and more from up close with guns and knives.

I haven't played with any vehicles yet, except in getting transport, but I just saw that doubled barreled mobile flak gun from bfv. Was a nice touch and fucking killed shit.

There seem to be fewer tickets which make for faster rounds than regular pr, but so far it seems pretty cool. Otherwise, almost every aspect of the game is exactly like regular pr without the scopes and advanced weapons systems. The ui is the same.

There is much more of a learning curve with regular pr because of all the different weapons systems and things to learn. Prv has guns and bad guys. Tactics and teamwork still wins the day but a nice change of pace.

This would be a great game with better graphics.

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