BF3 Game Footage - Episode 2

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    Fancy more than two minutes of gameplay footage straight from Battlefield 3 in 1080p? We thought so. As the Fault Line video series continues, our squad of U.S. Marines move to the rooftops to eliminate an enemy sniper in an abandoned hotel. This in-game footage from Battlefield 3 shows off the ANT animation technology (and prone!) in the game, with an explosive ending that neatly shows how the new Frostbite 2 engine handles destruction. Hit the pic to get transported to the video on the official Battlefield 3 site (make sure to click the player window to fullscreen to get the full resolution), and stay tuned for Episode III on March 30. ... -episode-2
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    That was nice. Wanted to see alil more distruction of the building before they cut it
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    Gonna have to build a new machine so I can crank all the settings up for this. Dont want to miss any of that realistic visual effect.
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    Cr8z have the released info for system requirements yet?


    heres all i could find so far JaXX

    Here are the details of Battlefield’s Frostbite 2.0 Engine:

    * Frostbite 2 will only support DirectX 10 and 11, as we reported.

    * Frostbite 2.0 is recommended to run on 64-bit CPUs and versions of Windows

    * The engine will have a new set of compilers and pipelines, which will improve its diversity and open the possibility to mod tools.

    * Tile-based deferred shading via DirectCompute, which will improve performance.

    * Morphological Anti-Aliasing (MLAA), implemented with DirectCompute, which provides better bandwidth conservation (exclusive DirectX 11 feature).

    * Realtime radiosity (a dynamic light source with HDR), powered by the Enlighten middleware engine, previously used in God of War 3 for the PS3

    * Improved environment destruction.

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