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Bf3 Is coming Jents


Been here since the beginning
-bZ- Member
Soon as this hits. Be ready to go to IGN or fileplanet to get beta keys


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my PP hurtz?


-bZ- Member

On September 7th, 2011 in News

BF3 PCYou can pre-order Battlefield 3 from a variety of retailers (and honestly, who hasn’t pre-ordered already?), and often, you’ll find some decent discounts on the game as well. Here’s a list of the current pre-order deals for Battlefield 3, in case you still haven’t pre-ordered the game.

Amazon: $61

Amazon includes the Back To Karkand expansion pack + a set of unique dog tags. The game retails for $60 + $1 release day delivery (which means you get the game on release date). Store link.

Best Buy: $60

Best Buy has the same Back to Karkand deal + the SPECACT Kit multiplayer skins. You can pick up the game at a Best Buy store, while the code for SPECACT kit will be emailed to you. Store link.

GameStop: $60

The GameStop pre-order includes the Back To Karkand expansion + the Physical Warfare pack. Pre-orders will be available for pick up at a GameStop store. If you’re a PowerUp Rewards member, you get a free PDF game guide as well. Store link.

Direct2Drive: $54

Direct2Drive offers a downloadable version for $54, but only includes the Back To Karkand expansion pack and no pre-order bonus. Store link.

GamersGate: $54

GamersGate offers the same deal as Direct2Drive: $54 for a downloadable copy which includes Back to Karkand. Store link.

EA Origin: $60

Origin offers the Back to Karkand expansion pack + Physical Warfare Pack + early beta access where pre-orders are granted a 48 hour head start on the Battlefield 3 beta. In addition, the pre-order includes a few Battlefield Play4Free items. The boxed copy includes free shipping. Store link.

If you know of any other deals, let us know in the comments and we’ll update this page.