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-bZ- Video Contest

Which is the best video?

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Banzore is now hosting a video contest, there will be 3 winners, the video contest will run from 12/14/2013 to 1/1/2014

1st place: $75 gift card of your choosing
2nd place: $25 gift card of your choosing
3rd place: 1 Banzore Promotional Item (t-shirt, beanie, keychain, stickers)

Footage must be from one or both banzore servers
You do not have to be a banzore member or recruit to participate THIS IS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC
No limit on length
Feel free to sumbit videos of you participating in known glitches and using hacks, your video will be disqualified and you instantly win a ban from all servers

Let me know if you have question.


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Working on mine. Thought there would be more activity. Maybe people still working on them?

send from my mofukin phone


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Best to watch it at YouTube so you can watch in HD and Full Screen