Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Beta - Review


Bald fat guy.
Well, it's another first person shooter.

I'm sure you've all played these before. You spawn and die a lot. and you hope that you level up quickly to upgrade your weapons, or you in the case of COD, you keep playing until you get that multi-kill perk.

I haven't gotten more than 5 kills in a row, so I can't elaborate on higher level perks.

However, I will say that the game is fun and looks nice. It reminds me a whole lot of COD4: MW. Really, it may as well be the same game. It's got some finer touches and I'll bet the matchmaking and community tools are loads better, but I think it's essentially the same game.

COD4 was a great game and I think this one will also be great, based on my 30 minutes or so of playing it.

The last Battlefield frustrated me on some levels because it felt like they were trying to get back to their roots, but they wanted to control the experience too much.

COD:MW is only just starting to spread its wings. They have the normal TDM that you know and love/hate, and they have a really cool 2v2 kind of like a seek and destroy whereby it's last man standing in 2v2.

GroundWar has vehicles. The first time I've ever seen spawn vehicles in a COD game that you can get in and die in as they respawn. This is in addition to the perk vehicles that you get to control after a kill streak.

It's a decent game. My FPS skills are quite diminished, as is my free-time, but I think this is a good game. I would buy it if I had the time and desire to do so.

That's my review.

What are your thoughts on the title?
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