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Church's Android App Pick Of The Week


-bZ- Member
Hey lets all back up our phones,, try this

MyBackUp- its free and backs up most of your phone to your sd card. Works good.

MyBackUpRoot- This version is for people with rooted phones. If you dont know what that means,,, its not for you.

MyBackUp Pro- Back that phone up to the cloud. This version is the tits cause it backs up every damn thing to the "cloud". Photos, apps, app settings, texts, all that shit. It cost five buck, thats cheap.

By backing up your phone, you keep your cellular rep from acting like he gives a shit if you lost everything on your phone. The juicy part is when you buy a new phone. You just download the app to your new phone and BAM! All your shit comes down from the cloud to your phone (pro version only).


Bald fat guy.
-bZ- Member
I use the computer to back my shit up.