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cod black op's


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just got this in my e-mail. way kool



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i'll pass on that game aswell, i still enjoy bc2 and pr, i will probly play a bit of the new medal of honor aswell
Like Hillybilly stated before. I dont care what we play. As long as we are all playing the same dam game. And which one was supposed to be a Vietnam type game?
Ok, they Both look great, But, This one gave me a full on woodie after I heard the chink chic say, "They will give you a medal GI, but only after you are dead!" Oh god I miss that gdam game!!


Bald fat guy.
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They both DO look great. The interesting thing is that one is not yet released and will cost $60, and the other is a 5 year old game that you can get on Amazon for $8.

And I personally think the $8 one is better.