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Complaint Handled Complaint from cheetotoes about player gumwadsinspace


New Member
Who are you reporting? gumwadsinspace

Date of incident Oct 17, 2020

Which server were you on? bz #5 - TDM HC

Describe the incident I was playing on your server on 10/17 between 1:00-3:30 AM Mountain Time when a player named gumwadsinspace began TKing me and only me over and over again. He would TK me around 2-4 times per game over the course of maybe the same number of games. If I remember correctly he started killing me on Operation Locker, then Paracel Storm and Rogue Transmission. After 1 TK on Rogue I just gave up and left. He singled me out as if he knew me somehow. It was very deliberate. He would just come up behind me and shoot me in the back of the head or lay C4 at my feet and just blow me up. Most times, he would make a comment in chat saying Woops, sorry about that. I never once retaliated but eventually just quit playing the game. Players like this have no place in your servers and will drive players away. Please get rid of this guy permanently. Thanks in advance for looking into this.


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He has automatically been perma banned from the amount of tk"s.