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Complaint Handled Complaint from Shambo about player Tiger_Woodland

Who are you reporting? Tiger_Woodland

Date of incident Aug 8, 2022

Which server were you on? BZ1 battlefield 4

Describe the incident repairing Boat and he spawns in and takes it, asked him to get out but he refused.


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-bZ- Member
BF4 Admin
Based on when you got out of the boat to repair, I'm almost positive he was able to hop in because you were still in the spawn area for the boat on A.
Based on his history I'll drop a punish but keep this in mind.
you can spawn into any boat no matter where it's at on the map as long as someone's in the boat. use this feature all the time as a sort of mobile spawn point for my team. most people are decent when they spawn in on seat one and see me repairing in seat four and move. then other time you get a douchebag.