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Complaint from shunholo1999 about player RyswickStyle


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Who are you reporting? RyswickStyle

Date of incident Sep 15, 2020

Which server were you on? bZ # -- 90Hz 24/7 Op. Locker -- All wepons - BANZORE.COM

Describe the incident this player was useing an aimbot you cant just headshot everyone with buckshot all the bloody time...... also it seams yall never have an admin on that server.... teams get pushed back to the bases and cant spawn without dieing.... if you need an admin i would be happy to help cuz being stuck at the base with no nuke to save our asses sucks and that server is near filled with ppl that aimbot wallhack or use "trainers"


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BF4 Admin
I'll look into the stats when I get off of work. We don't use nuke on any of our servers, and we are quite alright on admins, thanks for asking!