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cracked bf3 is real

yesterday someone on ts i think it was 4rch brought up that he found a torrent of bf3 for single player......guess it is real

fags just couldnt wait the 8 days or so

according to numerous reports, the PC version of Battlefield 3 has been leaked on various torrent sites. So far it’s only the Russian version of Battlefield 3 that has been leaked, and according to those who have tried to download it, the installer and in-game languages are set to Russian. Only the singleplayer portion is supposedly playable, with a “crack” available to bypass Origin and Battlelog (which is required on PC to play Battlefield 3). However, some are reporting virus and trojans bundled with the release as well.

The game weighs in at just under 10GB, and appears to have been leaked by one of the Russian retailers who got an early batch of games. Game piracy and early game leaks are nothing new, but it’s still sad to see a game leaked over a week early, especially a game we’re all eagerly waiting for.


no doubt, why don't they just put it out for download so at least you could play at the same time as the people who get it for nothing.


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the download in itself didnt contain any viruses or trojans (at least not the one I got) but there is still no way to bypass the origin-activation (yet alot of "cracks" are available for download) , meaning noone is playing yet. I agree it's sad seeing a game like this leaked a week early, but personaly I was psyched knowing I could go through the SP before the servers for MP are open.
yea but still with something like that there is no way i would risk downloading and because it is a new game and hasn't been released that could also be the case with the virus just because your anti virus didn't pick it up doesn't mean its not there, the Russians have been known in the past to be crafty with these things


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yea, true that, but I use reliable sites for downloads like these, and they tend to be mostly safe.


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Cereally, anybody that uses cracked or pirated software really shouldn't be complaining about cracked or pirated software. It doesn't make sense.