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Day Z Server is Online


The new Banzore server just came online with HFB Servers

Your ArmA2 DayZ server has been created. Here is your game server's information:

Server Name: Atlanta 83


Port: 2332

Query Port: 2332

Slots: 50

Jackson is going to try getting it set up right... keep your eye out for when it's ready or shoot a message to Jackson for more information.


-bZ- Member
Awesome! Great Job guys and Thanks

Now I need to get the game

Hey guys, can you please restart the server, the loots been the same for the last 4 hours at least, DayZ server's currently need restarting about once every 6 hours to keep the time correct and loot spawning properly.


Been manually restarting the servee i will set a auto restart for 5 hoirs when i get back. If u experience any more issues just hop on here or hop in teamspeak.

Your server has been offline for a few hours. Any news on when it will be up? I have a vehicle on there, and I want to drive it :)

I don't know if this AdamBomb guy is in your clan or not, but he was disconnect cheating tonight. I basically killed him twice, but he would disconnect, switch servers and heal up then come back. He disconnected and joined another server and moved into position to flank my friend and I, then reconnected to Atlanta 83 and killed my friend. I had him in my sights and put a few rounds in him and he disappeared. Then a few minutes later he reconnected in a different spot and I got my sights on him again, and put several rounds into him before he disconnected again to go heal up and reconnect in a different position.
no he is not in the clan, but i think i know that guy ill handle him thanks for the heads up. sorry bout the server being down apparently HFB is still doing some server switches and stuff, not sure if that was the issue but im only assuming either that or the HIVE got fucked up again