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Desperate Need of help /w drivers Jackson admin, help!

Hello Banzore clan, my name is James I am a fairly regular at your server at BF4 China Rising, almost every day I play for about 2-3 Hours mostly at nights. BTW awesome server and keep up the good work!!

Now directly to the point, Sometimes when I´m playing the f!"%"#$ game crashes and I have to reboot, needless to say I have installed the latest nvidia drivers for both the video card and the motherboard, and it really giving me a hard time, because whenever I try to play for a long period of time the game simply crashes, and there is no overheating of my rig.

Specs of my rig are as follow (don´t make fun of it it´s old like me)

Motherboard: eVGA Nforce 750 Ultra SLI

CPU: Intel core2 Quad CPU Q9300 @ 2,5 Ghz

Memory: DDR3 1666 2x4GB ram

Videocard: Nvidia Geforce GTX 285 1 GB

And my nvidia drivers are Nvidia Graphics Driver 332.21 Which are the latest

I´ve tried to go back to november ones but I can´t seem to find them, Can anyone, please gimme a little help of what could be causing this? I have tried to look up this in the internet and all I´ve found is to go back to certain drivers but I dunno which ones.

I run BF4 at high specs, it´s ok for now till I save more money.

Thank you all for your time and Hope you can  help me out!

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i had ALOT of lag crash. i have a tgi 660 3 gig video and i had 4 gig mem. got 12 new gig's  for x-mas and now i run 100% better. 
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Well just from looking at your system specs there could be a few things going on. Top four problems, Drivers, updates (Windows and everything else even chipset drivers), heat ( since you said it crashes after playing a while) and conflicting programs.

What OS are you using and is it 64 bit or 32 bit ?

What are you using to monitor your temps?

What are you using to control your video cards fan speed?

When was the last time you reformatted your rig? (this is a last resort)

Do you have any other crashes other than playing? (this would point to a memory issue)

Right away I see that your Video card is a bottleneck. Since it is a 1 gb cards running High presets in BF4. Your vram is maxing out which can cause problems as well. Normally it would not crash the computer but would affect your fps and cause skipping ( like Lag).


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Run BF4 at the lowest settings, turn on V-Sync, and run the resolution at the monitor's native state.

This will almost always fix overheating issues. What he is describing is overheating issues (likely the GTX 285 running like a hamster on meth to just play BF4) or he hasn't been properly installing graphics drivers (which can cause random system crashes). RAM isn't an issue here, with BF4 running and no background apps or high usage tasks he should only have 4-5Gb used running Win Vista/7.

Run Openhardware monitor or Realtemp in the background and use the logging features to check for overheating. That CPU should be running 75C with a stock cooler, the GPU should be running around 83C when playing a very intensive game like BF4.


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