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Dropping tags


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I have decided that need to drop my tags for BZ.

 While there are many reasons for this the main few is in my quest to be a top ranked little bird pilot the bz all maps does not play enuff maps with little bird on it,

the server does not get going untill late in the day, and i joined a clan to play with my clan not against. Every time there are a lot of bz guys on the server they change there game play from getting objectives to just " Lets take dark out and forget the objectives "   While i like a challenge i find it very annoying for BZ guys to stop playing and focus on just me.  Commits like " Im going to make it my mission to only take you out " was really the last straw.     

Now for the crybaby in me,  Im ranked # 18 in the US for little bird and noone has really gave it a second look.  2 cgts on facebook and 2 on the forums.  idk about you but to me thats a major major achievement and if one of you did something like that i would say something.   

Any ways....  I wish you all the best luck and no hard feelings. 


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Alot of guys (myself included) could care less about stats,ranks,awards,ribbons etc......  We play to just have fun.  I couldnt even tell you a single stat of mine.  So when someone continually post about their stats , it just fuels the fire to kill them  more.

It's been fun gaming with you , wish you well , SEE YOU ON THE BATTLEFIELD.  GLHF


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The server takes people populating it to get it going and you dont want to help populate it you just want to go in it when its full...i get that....i guess. Kinda saw this comming tho when you just stopped comming all together, and when we were talking before about how you tend to clan hop alot, so cant say that I am suprised. It sucks but you got to do what you got to do, I get that. As far as the stats, like hillbilly said we just like to have fun a lot of guys could go 1-100 as a kdr in a round as long as they had fun me i prefer to have a good score in game, outside of that could care less about. Especially with the little bird, that is a flying tank and needs a nurf something fierce. But hope you find a place where you can have fun and settle down. dont be a stranger still stop by and say high and jump in the server. And as much as those places in the world stats dont much matter to me, its still an accomplishment and congratz!


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Sorry you feel this way. While I applaud your achievements in a little bird, -bZ- exists for all of its members, and not for one individual and their quest for glory.

If you want to be number one, you're going to have to get used to that target on your chopper. Especially if you keep killing the same people over and over and over again. That's hard to ignore, and people are going to want to exact revenge. You shouldn't be surprised that people are going to make it their job to take you out. Your job is to be better than them. Or just go to another server/clan, I guess.

Good luck, and feel free to rank up on our server!


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That is a major achievement! 

I see where your coming from about being really good at what you do and not getting a "second look" or "praised" for your stats. As hillbilly stated stats pfff who cares. We do play to have fun. May talk a lot or a little trash here and that is just how we are, always been like that and always will be like that.

Have you tried to bring it to anyone's attention to add more maps to the server?

I personally think that is a bs excuse on why your leaving. But your human and have feelings and I will not judge you on how you feel.

Best of luck in your future endeavors 


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I understand the timing differences  with the server and all, but the map rotation is just an excuse...what is the point? Enjoy finding a server that exclusively focuses on the Little Bird, let alone one that is filled up constantly for people to be targets for your quest. Not that such a thing exists on a normal server. People will ragequit or they will begin to target you.

If you can't take being the primary target then eventually you won't be worth being the primary target. And once the Little Bird gets nerfed, along with active repairs, what then?

Essentially, I mean have fun joining a stat padding clan. Too bad they don't require much skill and as a result your achievement won't mean shit.
Do you think it won't happen if you find another clan that is non-stat padding?
Been there, done that bro. You read my app when I applied, right? Not worth it. Better to just have fun since this is just a game that will go out of style in a year anyways. Clan hopping is a waste of your time (and ours), it only serves to make you get burned out faster on a game and resets the skill-building and teamwork back to zero every time.
Good luck.
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I think two up covered it, You made members along with pubbers rage quit. Sry its not for ya, and I don't have much of a life outside work. But that time spent is better spent enjoying my gaming time or with my KID and WIFE. And as far as the empty server, rarely did I see you putting in the work to populate it, Rather we had people in our server saying ohh shit its Darkfire I saw him get banned from another server I played in for whoring the Little bird.


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Keeping it reelz....Good luck in your quest for little bird glory!! 

Good day and Good Bye!