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epic fail ??????

Its never going to last. Who is going to pay full price for a game and if you quit the service you lose the game? I say no one, if they do, they are a fool.


Bald fat guy.
-bZ- Member
I have my doubts, also.

How do I know I'm not buying a used game when I pay full price?
i saw it maybe 3 years back. it looks and works surprisingly well i remember. and that was a while ago so they must've upped it quite a bit for todays standards. though this would never appeal to serious gamers, i can see it appealing to large groups of casual gamers though.


hmmmm i wonder how the response is for like a shooter, seems like it would be great for the wow stuff or role playing ones, but how fast would it be for shooters if you got all your info from the cloud?

i guess servers kinda already do some of this but i would consider it half right now, all of it... wierd.