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Honostly Guys,Just Wanted TO Let You Guys Know That I Spent From The Age Of 6 To The Age Of 18 In Foster Care And Never Had A Family( Brother Was Never Around),I Appreciate All Of You And Consider Each Of You Assholes,Family. So Heres To You Guys,My Best Friends And My Only Family,,,,,Cheers


Bald fat guy.
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Pinecone said:
Welcome to the Family!


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TXRayne83 said:
Nope didnt quit,Just had surgery on my chompers,And im heavily medicated and in pain,Be back in aug tho
Whew all is well then in Banzore land


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Actual it was an zotac 680 and it burnt as soon as i put it in so now i returned it for a Gtx 670,Downgrade i know but i found an evga with very little difference from the 680 so i went with the downgrade