An interesting read for comparison between the two game mode, as well as actual words from some pros on their opinion. https://www.pubg.net/news/FPP-vs-TPP-Which-is-better-for-competitive-PUBG

For the most part in FPS games, I've always been playing in FPP (Battlefields, COD, etc..). However, for PubG, I have been playing in TPP. Not sure why but probably because it's a different experience. I think I'm still adjusting and struggle to the play as TPP mode and style though. I've always been an aggressive FPS player, so TPP really made it hard. Pretty much, I think TPP reward campers and defensive players, and they pick up free kills on aggresive players that willing to take risk. It's not rewarding to be an aggressive players. Maybe I should switch to FPP? I don't know..

On the contrary, TPP force players to be patience and play mind games. TPP is about position and taking over better position to put yourself at an advantage.

More interesting read and perspective on TPP as being more competitive, tactical, and funner: https://www.redbull.com/se-en/pubg-whats-more-competitive-fpp-or-tpp

Do you play in TPP or FPP? Which do you prefer?
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