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Grenada movie idea


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So here is the story. The year is 1983, and Ron is 37 yrs old with two sons (8 and 10 yrs old) and overweight. Ron is a Staff Sargeant in the US army based at Fort Bliss in El Paso, Tx., a veteran of the Vietnam war and looking forward to retirement in only few months, having joined after turning 18 in anticipation of being drafted (the draft notice came during basic training, for the marines).

One evening after returning home from work and putting the kids to bed, he recieves a call from the on-duty officer with orders to report in full gear to the airfield in 60 minutes. An hour (or so) later he arrives expecting a drill and finds 3 other men (all middle aged, in military terms) also waiting having recieved calls to report. After some minutes talking, they discover they all share two things in common...medical MOS and combat experience. About this time Ron realizes this might not be a drill...

Finally, a helicoptor arrives to transport the men but cannot tell them their destination. They board and fly thru the remaining darkness, arriving on an aircraft carrier, presumably in the gulf (judging by distance travelled). Upon arrival, they are assigned to several awaiting recon platoons and finally told their mission...

Due to a discision by some colonel that only combat veterans accompany his recon platoons, the 4 men are assigned to accompany the forward elements of what will become known as the Invasion of the Grenada.

Ron returned OK, unwounded and retired a few months later, refusing to become airborne certified for the second time. (Something about perfectly good airplanes).

True Story, or so Ron says. I am trying to get him to hire a screenwriter. This story deserves to be told.


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I think they did that movie. It's called Hearetbreak Ridge.


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Dude oobie you have a KILLER MOVIE IDEA right there...did this really happen to your dad?






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Yeah, he swears it is a true story. it appearantly started when he was asked to join some new elite unit 5 or so years earlier, the beginings of delta force, then they poochscrewed the iranian hostage rescue. funny thing, i have never seen my dad drunk, he has always been very careful about who he let me meet (his friends), so when i asked him about that thing he told me about (delta force and their first misson in iran) and he went on to say he fought beside them anyways in granada, i don't think he understood at the time what he was giving away. he gave a few details away, about how he got into it (story above) but then shut up. maybe in a few years he will tell me about it...or maybe he just saw heartbreak ridge and is full of shit. i doubt that personally. it sounded to true to me.