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Hacker (Granidon) and Glitcher (SelenaaGomez)

Just had a couple bannable ones to post for you, both of whom were on your 24/7 Locker HC server earlier tonight before the maintenance hit. The hacker is Granidon, who I recorded in Spec mode using Fraps here: http://youtu.be/QWqiCROZ9B0

As an added bonus, at around 12:30 of that video, Granidon aimbots a glitcher out of the area above C, where he/she is camping out (SelenaaGomez), so it's a two-fer.

Regarding the video, I know he seems almost legit for the first half...watch until the end, you'll notice he gets far more blatant near the second half of the round. I don't normally cry out "hax", but he was blatant enough that I left to go spectate him.



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Thanks for taking the time to spectate/record and to post here. Everything will be reviewed and they will be dealt with.
Thanks HillBilly. Video is up now (as it continues to process the quality should improve)...I posted the entire round just so the difference in when he started (and seemed more legit) and when he got blatant is more apparent. Sorry it's so long ;p


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