Happy New Year -bZ-!!!! What is everyone up to?


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I want to wish a happy, healthy New Year to all of -bZ-. Just wondering what everyone is doing, and what game(s) they are playing. I am still working for Cracker Barrel in Palm Coast Florida. My wife and I moved here in late August of 2018 to be near my parents.

I have been working too much, not gaming enough. When I do game I have been playing BF V, BF4 and dabbling in other games like Division 2.

Can anyone post the info for the -bZ- discord channel or friend me on it? I am: SKalber#0797

Thanks, I hope to see you online!


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Happy New Year!

We're still kicking the TS3 can down the road till' it dies, I guess. Just click the link above.

We have a discord channel, though I'm not sure how often whomever goes in there.

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