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Hey Guise!


New Member
So I know ahandfull of you know me and a handfull of you don't. Anyway I am Ginger. (newrecruit obvs.)

I love this group got some seriously semi-cool people in it. ;D

Anyway just wanted to shout out I guess and say hi to anyone who hasn't met me yet. And if you haven't met me yet.... Well what are you waiting for? ;)



-bZ- Member
Welcome to bZ you soul-less creature with devil-colored hair, 

And we still have not received our payment of pics for those "yes: votes on your app.


New Member
So I have become like the produce gal in Rust lol. I sell everything >.<

I love this clan so much. You guys are awesome and I am really sorry about everything having to deal with my "wife"

Love you guys. See ya on the battle feild.