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Hey guys


-bZ- Member
I don't know if you recognize me, I've gamed with a few of you on your server or in other servers. I want to invite you to join a league being hosted by the comunity I game with PCGN...http://www.pc-gamers.net/content.php. We have several team joining our 4v4 and 8v8 leagues and I would like to see your team compete also. This is our third season running these leagues and we have managed to draw in some good teams and competition. There are currently no ladders, however, I will be in charge of future ladders in the community, including Sniper, tank, helo, BF3-OG, B2K and CQ infantry ladders. I hope to see you all around. Our TS3 infor is you can ask for me, Fire488, ED, Bobo or Kyreaper if you have any questions. Take care guys, hope to see you in ts.


-bZ- Member
Thanks for the invite and the info ,we'll kick the idea around and get back with ya. Nice to see ya again Rabbit