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Great server - Operation Locker Hardcore. Just one thing.

Getting kicked for team killing...it is really frustrating when someone runs, walks, jumps in front of you when you are already firing. Not say I haven't team killed an idiot on purpose, there are a lot of idiots out there and most just don't care that you are already in a place, firing at the enemy...they just run right past, between you and the wall, instead of going behind you were there is plenty of room. Now I don't know how many kicks you meat out each day, but it is really frustrating when you get kicked for team killing because the idiots pay no attention to fields of fire. They just want to run and gun and they don't care that you get kicked 'cause they ran in front of your gun and they died.

Suggestion: turn off FF.

Other than that, great server.


-bZ- Member
We have to have ff on to maintain a somewhat controlled chaos. If we had no ff , then it would be a complete spam fest of nades , rpg's etc.... The way it is now , after a player gets kicked for tk'ing and losing all of said points , they start to have more control over how they play on the server.

If you have been kicked more than a couple times , you may just be the type of person ff is in place for. Especially if you have tk'd on purpose! I have played lots of rounds on our locker server and I have yet to be kicked even once for tk'ing.


-bZ- Member
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-bZ- Member
I have not once ever been kicked for TK off of the locker server. Or the All Maps server.

I just don't TK.

FF on is not hardcore. Our server is Hardcore. Cannot turn off FF. Would not turn off FF because I don't like it.