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It's been quite a while...

Hey guys!! I'm sure you all have missed me and my stupid Muttley laugh.. and I'm sure there's a lot of new people who don't know me, but for all the people who do, i love you.. :) so in the next few weeks i'm hopefully going to start playing PC games again. and i really want to come back and hopefully destroy you guys again. <3 i remember last time i tried to come back then my PC died and i didn't tell anyone.. well that's not gonna happen again. I don't plan on joining, i don't know if yall would even let me. i just want to have love sessions with cuba, hillbilly, and jojo if they're still around..


-bZ- Member
Whats up Blanka , my lil boy bitch. Glad to see your still alive and still wanting to get shot repeatedly by me :mrgreen:


-bZ- Member
whats up
i fail at replying to everyone, sorry! atleast i didn't lose my ability to fail. and cuba wtf is unic?

i missed you too lilqueen <3 and jaxx wtf are you talking about shit starter?! haha