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It's that time...


-bZ- Member
Howdy fellow gamer's, it's Oobie.

Now I know a lot of you are like WTF is this Oobie dude, but I assure you I am pretty cool. I once had an EPIC meltdown, captained the TWL team, and once even shit my pants while playing. Okay,not really. But Cuba started calling me oobs, so I guess that counts for something.

To my old friends, let me just say that I was less fat for a while, a lot less, but have gained some back.

So, is Jojo still gay on Fridays??

About once a year, I like to remind people that Jojo is a flaming homo an Fridays. In fact, I once made him a siggy (did I mention how I was pretty cool?) that got a lot of great reviews. Here's that siggy:


So, that's all for now.

Have fun!