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Just want to say hello

thought id make a post and say hello to everyone (old and new) ive been on ts the last couple days playing blackops with a few of ya and will prolly be getting bc vietnam very soon. im sure i'll see ya all around!! heres a few pics of what i do when im not getting my face shot off by hillbiily

sorry im a retard and cant figure out how to add more than 1 in the same post lol

this is the only pic im in that i posted (blue gloves)

Fire vs lead! :mrgreen:

house fire

this one here is right when the MAN DOWN call came over the air.....one of my Lt's fell thru the 2nd floor



Bald fat guy.
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We don't need no water let the mother fucker burn! Burn mother fucker, BURN!!!
i should have gotten some pics of the inside of the house but i didnt end up having to go back for firewatch so i didnt get the chance to get inside....hopefully on the next one
i hate fires.. Burnt places are the hardest thing to investigate lol. I went to some training spot for firefighters, where they had build a crime scene. We had to find the beginning of the fire, and the cause of it. Harddd.