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Basic Information:

1. Your In-game name: Kaiserdtm

2. YOUR AGE: 18

3. Location: BAFB, LA

4. What games you play: CoD: MW2, occasionally WoW (not often lately)

5. Are you currently banned from any servers? No

6. Describe your usual gameplay: (Rushing, Camping, Laidback, Sniper,) Rushing or Sniping

7. What is the reason that you want to join -bZ- gaming club ? Was recommended to me by current members

8. PB_GUID: and/or STEAM ID: (If you do not know the PB_GUID, please ask one of us and we will be happy to give it to you) kaiserdtm

9 .Prior Clan Experience: Does a guild count? If not none.

10. Prior League Experience: None

11.Additional Information: Played with Jaxx, Terpy, and Outcast

12.Availability for play: Whenever Im not working.


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Awsome to see that you came and applied here at -bZ-.

In about 5 minutes I will be sending you a private message regarding Recruitment Guidelines. The guidelines pretty much says the do's and dont's here at Club Banzore.

You seem pretty cool so far on Teamspeak 3 and cant wait to game again with you. As long as your thick skinned you should fit in fine here.

Thanks for applying with Club Banzore

If any questions, feel free to email me or hit me up on steam or xfire

email : [email protected]

steam : bzjaxx

xfire : bzjaxx


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No prob. We are all cool calm and collective here, we love to have fun and watch UFC fights whenever they are on.


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Kaiser said:
IronReb said:
Welcome Kaiser.BAFB huh?

Im just across the river in Blanchard :)
Blanchard huh? Not familiar with that part, but I just got here so still learning.. :p
Its a nothern suburb of Shreveport,and isnt worth a google.Im sure you have figured it out allready,but there aint much of shit to do around here :(


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I have a 4WD Toyota which takes up my time when I'm not on the computer, Shreveport isn't too far from some major events that I can go to, so lots to do around for me :D !


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-bZ-JaXX said:
No prob. We are all cool calm and collective here, we love to have fun and watch UFC fights whenever they are on.
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