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easy enough to pop them on and off for different games or regular use. I'm looking to find the original 3D files so I can try and modify them easier. I'd like to make it so the original key designation is shown on the front face of the key. Also make it so the design in sub-surface so it feels like a regular key. Plus, I don't use the WASD layout... I use the KEYPAD so I'll need to make some other changes (bigger keys) to replace the +, ENTER, 0 keys

I've printed some out and put them on. I printed them out fast, not high quality just to see how they look. If I was to do this for real use I'd maybe print them on the multi-color/material 3D printer we have a work so I can have a black body and white/translucent tops/image.

20180602_223044[1].jpg 20180602_190021[1].jpg
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