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Laptop for my mother


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Hey guys I was wanting some help no getting a laptop for my mom on Newegg or TigerD or somewhere reputable online .

The price budget is 900 dollars.

She wants a 15 to 16 inch screen.

She would like something that resembles a ultra book in sleekness.

She would like and i7 for CPU and a distant second choice would be a i5 cpu.

I dont think an  SSD is a requirement.

Let me know what links you guys find.

She would like Windows 8 on the PC.

Thanks in advance for your help with this fellas!!


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I don't know much about laptops, but I really want an MS Surface laplet.


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Check out the Lenovo Outlet! The site is a POS but you can find great deals on laptops, including ultrabooks and touch screen convertibles.


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for that price get a Lenovo Yoga 2 or the Yoga 2 Pro (pro has Crazy nice screen res) I have the original Yoga and i love it.