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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by CR8Z, Feb 23, 2011.

  1. CR8Z

    CR8Z Bald fat guy. Donator Sergeant

    What is the latest and greatest? What are ya'll using and what do you recommend?
  2. CR8Z

    CR8Z Bald fat guy. Donator Sergeant

    I see you like the Imperator on facebook. Do you use it or the Adder?

    I'm rolling with a Death Adder and a G15 right now. The G15 is already squeaking with certain keys, which I've never actually had happen with any other keyboard. I can just tell that the keyboard is dying soon, and I've only had it about a year.

    The Death Adder is still doing well, but the feet need to be replaced or something, because they just get sticky as hell no matter how much I clean them and my Exact Mat. It's also about a year old.

    I will probably also get one of those larger mouse pads that look pretty cool. ... B002PIL22A

    I am rocking this headset and it rocks. However, I am a fan of Corsair products.
  3. YoshiBishi

    YoshiBishi -bZ- Code Monkey Captain

    Aubi uses the Razer Lycosa keyboard with Razer Black Mamba and Thermaltake Flare mouse pad. She also uses the Logitech G35 headset.

    I use the Logitech G15 keyboard with Razer Lachesis and Ion Technologies 4-port USB Mouse pad. I use the Creative Fatality and Turtlebeach Ear Force X1.

    I've had my G15 for 3 years now. I guess my gentle Asian fingers don't mess up keyboards ;) .
  4. CR8Z

    CR8Z Bald fat guy. Donator Sergeant

    The squeaking keys are starting to bug me.

    I was never that impressed with the G15 because I never use the LCD stuff on the keyboard. It was just more processes running in the background and they would crash as often as not, so I just turned it all off rendering my special keyboard useless.

    I think I will go with the Lycosa keyboard, and stick with the Death Adder until I find the "right" mouse.
  5. Wiz

    Wiz Well-Known Member Sergeant

  6. CR8Z

    CR8Z Bald fat guy. Donator Sergeant

    After listening to everybody talk about their various setups, I did something kind of random and got a Microsoft Gaming Keyboard. ... -_-Product

    It was only $52, and had 148 reviews with 5 eggs. No other keyboard came close to that. Also, I have a Microsoft joystick that still rocks after almost 10 years of jerking around with it.

    I will let you know how it goes.

    PS - I'm still on the hunt for a new mouse.

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