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Lets still get together out in Cali

It's official. I'm headed back to Cali.

All you west-coast peeps need to come together one weekend for a LAN party.

I'm headed to a shit hole named Visalia California....

North of the shit hole called Bakersfield. South of the shit hole known as Fresno.

The good news is that the city rests in the valley below the Sequoia National Park,

the Kings Canyon National Park, and Yosemite National Park.

It wouldn't be hard for any of the SF Bay area members or even Los Angeles peeps to

gather out in the woods for some hiking, biking, and maybe even a lil bit of drinking.

Tahoe, Mammoth Lakes, and Mono Lake are great places to get outdoors. I thought

I might put this out there... (I'm going to do it anyway, just thought I might share)
It's just a 13-week assignment. Possible extension at the end of contract. It's back on the ambulance for me...

I'd rather go back to Sacramento or San Jose but still it's the Best Job EVER...

$2500.00/wk to play video games yo! I can't say no.