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Live broadcast of bf4 gameplay

Hay guys wanted to let you all know that i am in the mist of setting up a twitch broadcast of my bf4 gameplay.

I found there there isnt a lot of pilots doing this and the ones that are get a ton of viewers. I am doing this for a cpl reasons.

1. This will get our name out there to a lot of people.

2. This will bring a ton of players to our servers as viewers like to play on the same server as the broadcaster.

http://www.twitch.tv/darkfire3814 is the link to my channel on twitch and where i will be broadcasting from.

if you click follow it will send you and notice that i am broadcasting. At this time i am working on a broadcasting schedule. Right now I will be broadcasting when ever i can for several hours at a time. ( mostly gona be a night once kids have gone to bed and in the am after the leave for school.)

I am always looking for people that would like to be apart of the broadcast. The broadcast will follow my screen but there is a way i can add your webcam to the stream if you wanted.

As you all know I love to fly the little bird and the stream is advertised as a heli pilot stream. Being so i will always try to get the heli as a pilot during broadcast. It would be really nice to have a few guys to ride with me as repairs with stingers as i normally run guided to take out tanks.

So if you would like to be apart of this just hit me up in ts. (TS will be mandatory if you want to be apart of the broadcast)


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Nice! Whatever I can do to help!
If you want your webcam to be added to the stream you have to have skype or know how to turn your webcam into a ip or rtsp stream. ( i dont have a clue so figure it out yourself or just use skype)
As of right now i will not be able to broadcast. My 2 gts250 in sli is to slow for broadcasting. Its more then enuff to play the game do do everything else but not stream. So untill i can afford to upgrade my gpu's this is on hold.
So do I lol I was told that the 250 in sli would be fine for 720p turns out it barley good enuff to do 300. Everything else on my pc is good to go just not the gpus. I will save my money up and get a new card in the next few months unless i can find a friend with a good card for sale on payments.
i need someone to do a write up about the clan. if you look at my twitch page http://www.twitch.tv/darkfire3814 At the bottom you see things like computer specs and music commands, I need one that talks about the clan, maby website info, ts info or what not. Keep in mind the twitch is designed to draw players to the clan so make it like a recruiting post.