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  1. loon3y

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    1. Your In-game name: loon3y (of corse :D )

    2. YOUR AGE:18

    3. Location: Topeka Kansas

    4. What games you play: Call of duty 4

    5. Are you currently banned from any servers? nope

    6. Describe your usual gameplay: Rusher and laidback

    7. What is the reason that you want to join Cause your all kool and have nothing better to do :D

    8. PB_GUID: and/or STEAM ID: PB_GUID lol u idk

    9 .Prior Clan Experience: i was ego only was in it for a month like 2 years back lol

    10. Prior League Experience: none

    11.Additional Information:

    12.Availability for play: every day tell i get a flip job ;)
  2. -bZ-JaXX

    -bZ-JaXX Been here since the beginning Sergeant

    Thanks for applying. Please check your private messages soon. I will be sending recruitment guidelines.

    Thank you


    WELCOME Loon3y , look forward to gaming with ya :mrgreen:
  4. LilQueen

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