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Mad Cause Fail Again?


StOyKi3 said:
Its fine still. L2 ban though?
we are just doing the standard ban stuff on the site due to the vote. Nobody is angry or hates you. We just can't have a known or admitted hacker on the roster. The consequences are a ban from Banzore resources and activities.

I honestly didn't think you really even cared about being in Banzore anyway. The last few days have been your most activity on here since your join date. I would prefer to part ways amicably and that's how i will part them. If you want to "troll" for a while, i totally understand. We may have hurt your feelings but believe me, it was not our intention.

None of us are level 10 ninja hacker admins or whatever and I'm sure you will be able to get around the bans. Nevertheless we still have to employ them to stay within our core belief system.

Good luck with your future endeavors and I wish you well. For whatever that is worth to you.


Bald fat guy.
-bZ- Member
Good luck, dude. No hard feelings. You have your ways, we have ours. Now it's time to part them.