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Made it Back


-bZ- Member
yay what memories
So...I was thinking, this time last week we were still in vegas! :cry: And I wanted to say I had a really great time seeing all of you and I finally took the pics off my camera! It seems I must have been too busy to take very many! LOL I only had 8 pics on it ha! :p

And they're all from the Stratosphere the very last night and I didn't get a pic of all of us..

Anyway...heres what I do have! And awesome job to Cr8z who took the pic of Wiz actually crossing the Stratosphere sign in midair!! :D


The Stratosphere


Me, Cuba, and Sling waiting for Wiz.........


Wiz free falling!!


He did it!!! Yay!


Me and Cuba cheezin at the top of the world! And Cr8z just chillin!


Had to get a pic with the sign! Bye bye Vegas :(