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MGL game card


-bZ- Member
how do i get the game tag?


-bZ- Member
yea i dont have access captain


-bZ- Member
1. whats the reputation for ?

2. whats the buy your passes for the battles for ? we have to pay to play ?

3. whats the game card for ?
the reputation is what it sounds like what kind of reputation we have as a team, i believe it also takes individuals reputations into effect so if you act like a ass hat on the forums then you get bad rep, but if you help people you get good rep, thats what i have gathers thus far on that.

the passes are because there is free tournaments, paid tournaments (where the points come in), and there is pro, where if your team kicks ass you go into the pro circuit, however there is a gold and silver member thing which i believe covers the passes, which gold is like 30$ a year

im still unsure about the gold member ship and if it covers it waiting on a response from support http://store.majorleaguegaming.com/

the game card is what it looks like, it displays our team and it stats, so it can be used as a sig or avatar or whatever

pretty much everything is what it sounds like or looks like


-bZ- Member
Just remember 1+1 does = 3


i'm thinking about doing a meeting this weekend sometime... let's do a club meeting then a competition meeting after?

Saturday night?



-bZ- Member
ill be there is that 10 EST?
that sounds fine wanted to run another practice with the people that want to be on the teams which is held on saturday but can be moved to sunday twl team is being made right