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Mobile Artillery Help


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So I have been doing some research on-line and messing around with the Mobile Artillery. I have heard a lot of people complain about no knowing how to use the Mobile Artillery so here is a quick overview of how to effectively use the Mobile Artillery.

There Are Two Seats?

When you first enter the MA you will notice there is a driver spot and a gunner spot. No you cannot have a driver and a gunner once you enter the MA no one else can enter the MA. So the obvious next question is you no cannot drive the MA and fire at the same time you must switch between the gunner seat and the drivers seat to effectively use it.


This is an important issue I have seen players try to use the MA like it was a tank. The MA has armor and HP equivalent to the HMMWV 1st RPG disables 2nd RPG destroys. Also there about a 200 meter dead zone on the rockets. Another thing I have attempted doing was sticking near your friendly Mobile Anti-Air using him as your defense against incoming Enemy Air Assets as well as Jihad Jeeps. Also I tried having a friendly Tank or Tank Destroyer stay close to take out any rogue Armor coming to harass you.

Fire For Effect!

When you enter the gunners position you will go to a 3rd person view of the MA with a Leaf Sight cross-hair this is used to adjust your firing trajectory of your rockets. I have realized even though you can setup and fire the rockets from almost any fighting position but if the MA is not on level ground your rounds will land incorrectly either to the left or right of the cross-hair depending on how level the MA is. I also discovered while you are in the gunners position if you hit "M" and expand your map and zoom out when your rockets land you will see a small circle on your map that is where your rocket landed this is how you can adjust your fire and learn where your rounds land.

*Coming Soon*

Effectiveness of Unlocks


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-bZ- Member
Good tutorial!
another tip is to have your vehicle perfectly leveled our your rounds wont even fall in the direction you are shooting