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These last few month's haven't been the greatest for the WOT division here at banzore. People have stopped playing and/or have gone elsewhere for future endeavors. Can't get mad at those who stopped. It's mainly my fault, because I took some time off and such.

I would still like to continue to get WOT going again. I am just going to need some help to do it.


We still have a bunch of players still on the roster.

I want to spice things up a bit and hopefully it will attract more members to participate in it.

Now, this will take all the members on roster (and most aren't) to participate in weekend or daily clan matches. Meaning it can be a 3v3, 4v4, clan battle between tiers 1-3 and the winner will get gold.

(ex. 2500)

There is are several positions open for those who may be interested in it for WOT!

Deputy Commander (1 spot remaining)

Company Commander (2 spots remaining)

Diplomat (2 spots remaining)

Recruiter (3 spots remaining)

If more than one person wants a position (ex. company commander or diplomat) they will go threw a 1v1 match. Winner will get the position.

Any questions, feel free to contact me via

email ([email protected])

facebook (

Phone (PM ME)


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I won't be able to help out much with he new job...and nobody else seems to play too often.


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do u still play it jaxx?

there was a bunch untill you and jallard disapoofed and everyone was just like...umm
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