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-NEW- Banzore.com PvPvE Modded - Futuristic Ark

Would You Like The Harvest,Taming, and Exp Rates Increased?

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New Member
-bZ- Member
Servername: Banzore.com PvPvE Modded - Futuristic Ark
Server IP:
Slots: 35 Slots

Map: Crystal Iso
Iso: Crystal Isles
Classic Flyers
Structures Plus (S+)
Structures Plus (S+)
Ark: Future Evolved
Automated Ark
Utilities Plus
Ark Advance Supply Drops
Upgrade Station
Super Tranq Rifle
Death Helper
Pet Finder
Kibble Vending Machine
Mini Industrial Forge

Harvest: x10
Taming: x10
Exp: x10
Dino Cary: True
Gamemode: PVP
PVPVE Gamma: True
PreventOfflinePVP: True
CaveFlyers: True
OverideStructurePlatformPrevention: True

Server Events Will Be Looked Into. As It is set up where Tek is easy to get the map has been changed to a more challenging map. Map is not complete but is playable. All changes to the servers config are not final and mods are also not final so changes will acure. If Anyone has any mod suggestions please post them in the comments below.



-bZ- Member
You are NOT a BanZore member and should not be using our name for your server. It should be removed from the server name, unless this was discussed with someone on the admin team previously.

And if it was, did we really need a FIFTH Ark server?