Discussion in 'Battlefield Series' started by Wiz, Feb 1, 2011.

  1. Wiz

    Wiz Active Member

    NEW BC2BFV SERVER IN DALLAS (test server)

    The following order was placed and billed:

    20 Player Public Battlefield Bad Company 2 Ranked in Dallas, TexasTotal Price: $24.95

    Your account balance is now -$0.10. Your new subscription has been deducted from the credit on your account.

  2. Spartan

    Spartan Active Member Private 1st Class

    sweet i might get better freaking ping haha i miss gaming with you all allready and its only been one dam day i miss shooting hillbilly and bigdogg get it done son
  3. sicariatus

    sicariatus Member Private 1st Class

    we need to set this server , we need servers admins ,any ideas ? for this server?
  4. Wiz

    Wiz Active Member

    lol wrong ip and it is in chicago

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