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New BF3 updates


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-bZ- Member
Thought this was interesting. It looks like they finally fixed the matchmaking.

Matchmaking – How does it work?There has been some confusion as to how our Quick Match matchmaking system works. We’ll try to clear that up below.

For your server to receive players from the Quick Match matchmaking system it needs to fulfill these requirements:

1) The server max player count must not differentiate more than 25% from any preferred game mode player count in your rotation. For example: A server that has Conquest Large (64 players) and Tank Superiority (24 players) in the same rotation cannot fulfill this requirement and will therefore not receive players from the Quick Match matchmaking system.

2) You need to be running the Normal preset on a console server and Normal, Hardcore or Infantry only on PC servers.

3) Game mode ticket count must be between 50% and 1,000%.

PC players can check if their server will receive matchmaking traffic with the RCON command: serverinfo (the last Boolean tells you whether it’s enabled or not). In addition to being match-makeable, your server will also need to have at least one player joined for the matchmaking system to send any Quick Matching players to it.
Apparently, you can also change up the Gun Master modes by selecting different types of weapons as the game progresses. Read more about it here.