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new people comming in

got a guy sitting with me in class right now got talking and he plays codbo too, his clan consists of 4 people i told him he is welcome to hop on and check us out he is going to talk to his clan about joining ours and what not, so if someone comes on tonight thats who they are Tchazzar should be his name in ts, welcome them and what not. see you guys tonight laterz


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yea asked if he was comming on befor we went home (we were in class when i started this post) he said probbably not but today or tonight they are getting on for sure. also keep in mind that we get out of class around 10:00-10:30 PM usually, and most of you are already in bed lol
lol yea for real dont know where he is at might be bogged down with work or something. ill see if i can catch him tonight on steam or something.
i sent him an email, and i got a response

Hey Chris,

Sorry been real hectic around here with the holidays and end of year stuff with work. Hadn't seen any requests to be added, I did go on and add you today though. I am going to try to be on a lot more this next week, so we will jump on the site and TS and intro ourselves. we'll have to see if we can match up at some point and go a few rounds.

if I don't catch you online before then, Have a good Xmas.