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oh my


Bald fat guy.
-bZ- Member
I just had my own private little dance party.
-bZ-JaXX said:
wats a dane party bonez?
what is a "wats" Jaxx? Dont correct somebody if your wrong your motherfuckin self!!!!!!!! You know what the fuck I was saying you motherfucker!!!!!!! :D Yeah, now what Bitch, huh, Now What!!! Dont make me drive up to michigan and whoop your ass!!!

Ahhh.... I feel better. Needed to vent a little. Dance party anyone?? 8O


Been here since the beginning
-bZ- Member
simmer down bonez it was only a joke. No need to get on the defense. Please no dont drive up here and kick my ass. It might take you awhile on your horse and buggy. lmfao...jp

Anyways, I knew what you were saying. Just wanted to mess with you for a hot minute! Haven't been online much. I have some issue's to deal with in my personal life right now.
lmao, I was just joking Jaxxxxxxxx. I would feel to bad to whoop up on you! :D Anyway take care of the personal issues and get back to gaming as soon as ya can brother!!

And I dont play because all you asses are playing a game I dont have!! CMON VIETNAM!!!!!!