Ok you bunch of scrubz


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Yep I know you all thought it was safe to go back into the water... but Im afraid it is not so. I just ordered my replacement HD's, card and board are intact but needed to work on my rig. BFv is ready to dl. Im just wondering whos going to be the first to bust me up in BFv :D ?

c u soon lol

P.s. If the armor is good Ima bust you up bad.... just saying...



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armor isnt bad, it certainly is something that an experience driver can do a lot of damage with, but its not something the enemy team is going to let you get away with if you do too much damage lol.

ive been playing bfv for a bit and i dont think its bad, i certainly like it more than bf1


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I havent had a lot of time lately but i want to play. Im going to try to hop on tonight.
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