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Player Incident Report(wouldn’t let me post in the incident section)

First, sorry this isn’t in the proper forum section. The forums wouldn’t let me post this in the proper Incident Report/Ban Appeals section for some reason since it said at the top of the section “Only the Thread Starter and Admins can post/reply to Appeals/Complaints”. I tried to figure out how to post this there but I was unable to get it to work, which is why I’m posting this here so an admin can see this and move it to the proper forum thread section.

Who are you reporting?: HungItalian

Date of incident: Aug 10, 2023

Which server were you on?: BZ1 - Hardcode All Maps

Describe the incident:

I am reporting a player with the username HungItalian for making racist comments and being extremely disrespectful to everyone, especially his own team. I think it started because he was mad that our team was losing so for reason he felt the need to say all sorts of vulgar curse words and being flat out disrespectful to the team, then he said something along the lines of “Go pick some cotton” which is a racist comment if you ask me. I did use the in-game !report feature right after that so that should help.

After he made that comment I said something along the lines of “bruh thats racist af”, and that’s when he started saying all sorts of racist and vulgar curse words at me calling me all sorts of things. Unfortunately my screenshot feature didn’t save any of the screenshots for some reason so I don’t have a lot of what he said but I did use my phone to take a pic of the screen so I would have at least one of the racist comments he made towards me after he saw me use the !report feature to report him for the racist, vulgar and disrespectful things he was saying. I also have screenshots from the websites chat logs, thankfully y’all have those chat logs readily available for people to go back and check.

Please check into this because someone like this, that starts to say those sorts of things just because his team is losing then starts directing his hateful comments towards other players when they call him out on his racist remarks does not deserve to play in such a great server.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I appreciate it. Also, thank you for helping contribute to such a great server and community. Have a wonderful rest of your day/night!



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Why people get so angry when someone says something about their skin color, dumb as fuck…