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PROCON update

just letting you guys know there was an update for procon and this is the change log, they have added the weapons i guess, so i think the plugin for weapon limiter will shortly follow (fingers cross) ->

* Updated MOH.def to include vehicles and weapons, though they are not linked to a specific kit yet.

* Added missing safe variables to moh layer client


* Moved rss fetch to procon.core so the procon.console.exe could still get the rss feed to update packages. It was supposed to be there in the first place but never got tested =\ This means you should be able to install plugins via the packages tab of a connected layer client, instead of the client always saying "The package is already installed.." if the layer is running "PRoCon.exe -console 1" or "PRoCon.Console.exe".

* Removed Zaeeds plugins from the install that comes with procon. We had a fight. He scolded and hit me =( I don't want to talk about it :cry:

* Fix for banlist not saving/refreshing when banning via the playerlist panel.

* Fix for banlist removing pb bans when no more vanilla bans are present (you unban the last vanilla banned player)

* Fixed up procon.account.onLogout event not being fired when a layer connection is terminated without logging out first. If you're connected for a while you shouldn't see ghost logins anymore.

* Added missing moh weapons, I think that's all of them..

* Added basic admin logging (who kicked/banned/killed/moved who). This is mostly for logging on the layer side but it does have limited support for when a admin uses the procon gui to move/kick/kill/ban some one it will display to all connected admins who did it. It won't show connected admins if the admin uses a command in the in game admin

* Fix for index out of range exception when the language files auto update in moh

* Removed/Moved default plugins.

* Removed the menu from the main window

* Added drop down tools icon, mimicking google chromes tools.

* Added ban type option to in game admin plugin

* Added "pb_sv_updbanfile" and "pb_sv_banload" after unbanning a punkbuster ban

* Rearranged the tools menu so the connections list spanned the whole window.

* Added reasons to events logging