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Qlimax's Application

1. Your In-game name: Qlimax

2. YOUR AGE: 16

3. Location: Houston, Texas

4. What games you play:COD4, Day of Defeat Source, Counter Strike Source, COD: WaW, a little bit of MW2 (I don't play as much anymore)

5. Are you currently banned from any servers? Nope

6. Describe your usual gameplay: (Rushing, Camping, Laidback, Sniper,): I like to rush, and I am sometimes laid back

7. What is the reason that you want to join -bZ- gaming club ? You guys seem like a cool group and it's about time I join a COD4 clan

8. PB_GUID: and/or STEAM ID: I don't know my PB_GUID, but my Steam ID is (STEAM_0:1:17388268 )

9 .Prior Clan Experience: None

10. Prior League Experience: I've only played in a realism league in DOD:S

11.Additional Information: I hope I'll get in -bZ- and I'm looking forward to getting to know you guys better

12.Availability for play: Monday - Friday @ around 530 to whenever, and on weekends I can play at anytime.


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not to be picky but can I get a phonetic spelling of your name...me and my wife are in disagreement as to what it is...