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R16 update has been applied 12/19/2011


BF3 server R16 (895921) was released to us by DICE this morning and we are beginning its rollout. This release is said to contain a fix for the bug causing 75% of our crashes right now, which relate specifically to players interacting with major things in the world as they're appearing or disappearing (such as the AA guns in Golf of Oman and Wake Island). It also contains one other small change. DICE talks about this patch a bit in a BattleLog forums post.We are rolling out to servers as they empty out now. If you would like this version applied to your server before it it empties out, please try restarting the server, as this should empty it and trigger the update as long if it does not immediately re-fill. Or, if you have a managed VDS or managed dedicated machine, you can trigger a server repair through your "Managed panel" page to immediately apply the update.